Hablo un Poco Español

We are into the second week of our stay in Puerto Vallarta.  The reason we have been stationed here for two weeks is because we are taking Spanish language lessons at a school here.  When we signed up, we opted for a homestay with a local family to have the opportunity to practice a bit more, also the accommodation and two meals per day are included in the cost, so it was a pretty enticing deal.

We have classes for just under three hours each morning, and this week we have a small class, just the two of us with a fellow from Germany.  It’s nice to be focused in the morning, and then have the afternoons to explore or just relax at the playa.

Our Spanish will certainly not be fluent by the time we finish classes.  We have two days left and can only speak in the present tense (which can make things awkward when you try to tell someone you saw a whale and not that you see one when they are the only one in the room with you!).  But it is a vast improvement from what we had learned beforehand, and we’re optimistic that we can further improve as we head down to South America.

The school we are with is called Solexico and it has been great.  At this time of year it seems classes are no bigger than five students, and all the staff are kind, friendly, patient and encouraging.  The school here in Puerto Vallarata has a cafeteria, which is efficiently run by the woman who we are actually staying with.  Not only is it super convenient (she lives just one block away so we don’t have to wake up too early before our classes), but Sara and her family have been extremely gracious and accommodating hosts. We only wish we could speak a little more to contribute to conversations!


Our school!


The hallway


With Sara who’s providing us with room and board.


The cafeteria – a sunny and relaxing place to be!


Ewan pointing out the abuelo


Our classroom

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    8 thoughts on “Hablo un Poco Español

    1. Dear Emily and Ewan – Thank you for your messages. I have been enjoying them very much. Some of the catch phrases are interesting like ‘each place we go has its own personality’. This is so true. Another one is ‘we love the vibe’. It is good to meet and be with people where you have had connections. Looking forward to future posts. Best regards, Grant

    2. Great idea guys! I have learnt Spanish for 3 years when I was at the university. I do still speak it, but forgot most of the words. Nowadays, Spanish is spoken world wide so it’s going to be so convenient and much easier for you to travel South and Central America!
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    3. I’ve done a Spanish immersion program like this twice – once in Marbella, Spain in 2005 and once in Madrid in 2011… I will swear by this as the best way to really improve your Spanish abilities. It forces you to speak Spanish even when you don’t know the words. You have find a way to explain yourself with the words you DO have. It was so freeing to actually be able to confidently carry on an imperfect conversation, and be more than okay with that.
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      • Wow two programs in Spain! That sounds great.

        You’re right – forcing yourself to just talk is one of the biggest hurdles to get over. The great thing we’ve found here in Mexico is that the people are so kind and willing to let you try.

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