Walk the Pretty Streets of Cartagena

I’m a sucker for pretty towns.  We really loved Merida (Mexico) and Antigua (Guatemala) and so we made a point to head north from Bogota in Colombia to Cartagena even though our plan from here on out is to head south.  Everyone who has been to Cartagena said it was a must to visit.

And Cartagena really has charmed us.  It has a completely different feel than Bogota.  There are bright beautiful colours everywhere from the buildings and flowers to the fruit and juice stands.  It’s incredibly hot and humid.  There is definitely a strong tourist trail here, being a major stop for cruise ships.

And we’ve enjoyed it.  We’ve found some super cheap (albeit greasy) grub.  We were pleasantly surprised by the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, an imposing fortress.  We walked the wall encircling the city.  We’ve also spent hours chilling out, trying to watch the Sochi Olympics (don’t bring up ‘men’s hockey’ and ‘Canada’ to Ewan…apparently Colombia’s ESPN prefers to show the cross country biathlon) and just playing cards and relaxing.

I know there is a lot more we could have done while we’ve been here, but I am content with what we got up to.  I think I needed this low-key travel style.  It’s helped us to appreciate the beauty and the little things going on around us.  And to invigorate us as we head tomorrow for Ecuador!

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    5 thoughts on “Walk the Pretty Streets of Cartagena

    1. Your pictures from Mexico/ Colombia have been great.

      As to the hockey, tell Ewan to try his UBC VPN. They still haven’t shut mine off, and it might allow him to watch the games streamed by CBC. If that doesn’t work, I also have an extension for Chrome called Media Hint that allows me to use things like Pandora and Hulu from Canada. It might allow you to watch US based feeds. Since the next game is Canada vs. the USA that might work. As a final resort, there are always torrents of games available afterwards that you can download.

      We were on our Asia trip during the Vancouver olympics, so I was always scrambling to find places to watch the games. We didn’t have a computer with though, so it was more difficult. I think I watched one in KL, one in Beijing and maybe one in HK.

      • Thanks for the helpful hints Shaun – we did try a Canada VPN but it seems it was the crappy wifi that we were forced to deal with. He will make sure he watches the Canada/US game or else death.

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