A Reunion and Wine – Mendoza

After our laid back time in Bariloche, it was time for us to move on to Argentina’s wine country: Mendoza. This was a destination we were looking forward to for a couple of reasons.

First off, as mentioned, Mendoza is smack in Argentina’s wine country. We lived a few years in the Okanagan Valley and loved hopping from winery to winery to taste delicious local wines or enjoy a nice meal at restaurants overlooking scenic vineyards. Living the last few years in Toronto made it inevitable that we tried out what the Niagara Region had to offer. I enjoy wine, but find visits to actual wineries to be the real treat, so there was no way we would miss touring some wineries in Mendoza.

Secondly, we were meeting up with a friend who will be our travel companion for the next month (so get used to his mug – he’ll be lurking around blog posts for the next while!).

Mendoza was a pleasant enough town for us to explore for a day. What did we do? We tried our darndest, with zero success, to exchange our American dollars to Argentinean pesos (note: if you come to visit Argentina, American cash is better than gold…banks offer you the current listed exchange rate, but you can get a much better exchange at the ‘Dolar Blue‘ rate – based on our experience it apparently takes a bit of seeking out and negotiation. The whole thing felt very sketchy). We explored the General San Martin Park. We went to our first parilla and had DELICIOUS Argentina steak. We caught a super enthusiastic crowd celebrating a Buenos Aires football (soccer) team win the Argentinian league.

And then we had a day trip to Maipu for a self-guided wine tour by bicycle (and yes, Maipu was the source of many jokes that day…it’s rare you go tasting wine in ‘My poo’). We chose the self-tour because we weren’t interested in being shuffled around at someone else’s pace with a ton of other people, and plus those tours seemed to be quite expensive.

It turned out to be a great choice; the sun was shining, the weather wasn’t too hot and it was great to plot out our own course. We hit three wineries, including enjoying lunch. And if I haven’t mentioned it before…I love vino!


If you want to do your own bike tour, it’s quite simple. Take a bus (route 10 on either 171, 172, or 173) from Mendoza to Maipu which is about a 40-45 minute ride. There are a couple of bike rental places in Maipu. We went with Mr Hugo and were happy as we only had to pay a rental fee (80 pesos each or about $8-11 depending if you got the above mentioned ‘dolar blue’ rate), we got an explanation in English along with a map of where to go, coupons to get discounts on tastings and food, and a very welcome warming from Mr Hugo himself. Being that I am a shortie, I was a bit anxious about getting a bike that would suit me, but Mr Hugo has a ton of bikes and there was no issue finding a smaller bike for me to ride.

What I liked:

  • The bike rental company was excellent, easy to find and well-priced. I would highly recommend them.
  • We did our trip in Argentina’s autumn. The weather was perfect, not too hot or too cold, and seeing the fall colours with the vineyards as a backdrop was quite stunning.
  • We noted the apparent lack of other tourists along the route, I imagine it would be far busier in different seasons.
  • The wine! I am a big fan of Argentinian Malbec!

What I didn’t like:

  • Part of the wine route had separate bike lanes which was very comforting, but the rest of the time you were cycling right next to traffic in very skinny lanes with no shoulder. Argentinians drive super fast whether there are cyclists or pedestrians around, and so I found myself hyperventilating a few times since it’s been a while since I’ve been on a bike. Also, on one side of the road there is a big ol’ ditch right next to the bike path separated by only a small curb. It is a disaster waiting to happen.
  • The first winery we went to. The staff seemed a bit abrupt and cranky to all three of us. While we ultimately did enjoy some nice wine at the tasting (after almost an hour after arriving at the winery) we felt we got some sub-par treatment.

Trying to find our way around Mendoza


Pretty road lined with trees


Fountain of the trip (possibly…?)


Calm pond waters with a scenic mountain view


Pink church in Mendoza


Fierce beards


Mendoza Street Art


A pre-steak shot at the parilla (there was no time for pictures once the food arrived!)


Ecstatic Football fans!


The bus to Maipu!


Autumn in Argentina’s wine country


Hello grapes!


Our rides


This neck of the woods is beautiful


My favourite: a placemat where you can read and choose which wines you want to try out!


Vineyard hopping


Last Malbec of the day

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    14 thoughts on “A Reunion and Wine – Mendoza

    1. The bike tour around the bodegas of Maipu was the best part of our stay in Mendoza. We biked all the way to the end of the main road to Carinae, then backtracked all day and ended in Mavi, which it looks like you visited too. Actually, we topped the day off with awesome craft beers at the Pirca microbrewery. Sad fact: we’re very much behind on the blog post about this…

      Un-fun fact: On our first full day in town we returned to our hostel from a walk around San Martin park only to learn from the receptionist that a tourist from New Zealand had been shot dead two days prior in a mugging-gone-bad…
      Peter Korchnak @ Where Is Your Toothbrush? recently posted…Faraway Feline: Yeni Carsi Street, Istanbul, TurkeyMy Profile

      • Wasn’t it such a blast? I wish we’d known about the microbrewery, but we were happy as it was!

        That’s terrible about the tourist though – I am glad I didn’t know about it because we actually felt quite safe there. Yikes!

    2. Sounds like a lot of fun! I’m a lightweight, so I’d worry about myself biking and feeling a little too comfortable on the roads after a few stops haha! The winery with the placemats is genius, I think it would help me learn more about what I’m tasting (like the citrus/oak notes and what not). Right now, I’m more of a “like it”, “don’t like it” type of wine drinker. 🙂
      Katie recently posted…Liebster Award!My Profile

    3. mmmm…wine…..I right now am a bit envious. Looks like a fun, and enjoyable way to get to the vineyards. I too, however would be a tad worried about boarding my bike after a couple tastings. lol

      • Thanks Corinne. Yeah, I didn’t like the cars being so close…and after wine it seems like a bad combo of tourists on bikes with crazy speeding vehicles!

    4. “chose the self-tour because we weren’t interested in being shuffled around at someone else’s pace with a ton of other people, and plus those tours seemed to be quite expensive.”
      You are right on! These tours are a tourist trap and after port after port on my cruise, the sites became a blur!
      The wine map reminds me of the Bushmill Distillery on the Antrum coast in Ireland where you had to distinguish between a variety of irish whisky, Scotch and Bourbon!

    5. Your pics have me scrambling for a reason to immigrate to Argentina…
      still waiting for a pic of your Argentinian soccer playing uncle to prepare my papers…
      hosta la posta…

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