Discovering the walls in Buenos Aires

Hello people, this is Ewan here for another graffiti post. You may have noticed some of our previous posts have a shot or two of the street art we come across, and I’ve posted before on the works we’ve seen in Toronto, Bogota and Valparaiso. I really appreciate discovering creative artwork in perhaps unlikely locals.

We were in Buenos Aires for over a week, and we originally had plans to take a guided graffiti tour. Though partly due to the abundance of other things available to do in the city, and partly due to my own laziness with booking the tour, we never ended up doing it. In the end though, I’m perfectly fine with missing out on the tour for two reasons: 1) I feel that part of the appeal of street art is the discovery aspect. Happening upon a beautiful wall in an otherwise dank alley is amazing. 2) Regardless of not having a guide reveal some of the city’s secrets, we happened upon some great pieces nonetheless. Granted, most of what we came across was in the San Telmo area since that was where we were staying, this just gives us another reason to come back to BA to discover more.

Here are some of the works we happened upon:

IMG_5051 IMG_5385 Shade footballerIMG_5050IMG_5106IMG_5185IMG_5121 IMG_5162

IMG_5412 IMG_5409 IMG_5406 IMG_5404IMG_5186IMG_5164IMG_5109 IMG_5108IMG_5049 IMG_5048 IMG_5043 DD n ElectraYerba head

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    12 thoughts on “Discovering the walls in Buenos Aires

      • Ewan has quite the eye for them – these were all taken in areas that aren’t really all that graffiti-heavy. He has some heightened sense to find them out!

    1. Thanks a lot for making me miss BA, Ewan! I’m home in Portland now and the last thing I need is another awesome post from you guys getting my travel blood all up in a boil! 🙂 Peter was photographing street art for a while and there was so much in BA we were almost overwhelmed. Such as great way to see a city, though the eyes of street artists. I especially love the large black and white nude – like a page from an artist’s sketchbook!
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      • Thanks Lindsay! We are now in Paris and the street art here is all over too. We can’t walk for full block without Ewan stopping to take a snap. He’s got a great eye…and somehow he makes pictures of even bland walls look fantastic!

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