10 Favourite Places We Visited in 2014

Our last post was strictly numbers about our trip, but it didn’t really cover what our favourite places were. We’ve had this question a lot since coming back so we thought we’d address it. ‘Favourite place’ can mean a lot; a sight, city, or even a whole country. Here are our top five places (each) to give you a taste of what we enjoyed – can you guess who liked what?

  1. Sri Lanka – This country is incredible! It is beautiful, great on your wallet, has delicious food and doesn’t seem to be a staple on the tourist/traveller circuit (yet!). The locals are so kind, and even sort of curious as to why we were there. It was a picturesque country that completely recharged our slightly worn down travel battery as we indulged ourselves with countless hours gazing at the sea and sky from the stunning beaches.SRI LANKA
  2. Budapest – We went against our travel mantra and raced through Eastern Europe, spending a few days here and there in various cities. We definitely enjoyed Prague, but then there was Budapest. Budapest made us realize how saturated Prague was with tourists; the Hungarian capital is far less concentrated. It is absolutely beautiful, and it seemed that there were more things to do that appealed to us. When we left Prague we were content with all we had seen and done, and yet we had a list of things we hadn’t been able to do when we left Budapest.BUDAPEST
  3. Turkey – There is just an overwhelming amount to do and see; an incredible history including everything from Roman ruins to lavish Ottoman palaces, unbelievable natural sights, amazing food, and gorgeous Mediterranean beaches. No matter what kind of traveler you are this country is a must see!TURKEY
  4. Boston – Looking back, Boston’s placement on this list could arguably be a result of us having a few days there after six months in Latin America. There was customer service! The streets had no dog poop or litter! We could read signs and understand when people spoke to us! Food selection ranged beyond just meat and carbs! But despite these reasons, I am confident that Boston would still be a favourite for us. The parks were immaculate and well used by locals and tourists alike. The city is dripping with history, much of it is free and accessible to enjoy and learn about. And the people were just so incredibly kind and friendly that Boston is certainly amongst our favourite US cities.BOSTON
  5. Peru – Hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu was one of the only set plans we had before leaving on the trip. We had it booked months in advance and as such our anticipation and expectations were high, it did not disappoint. But Peru has far more to offer than Incan ruins. We lounged in a laid back fishing village popular with surfers, we explored the sights in the bustling capital of Lima, we went sandboarding down dunes at an oasis, we checked out the floating island towns on lake Titicaca, and more. On top of all that the prices are reasonable and the food is delicious, it’s a traveler’s dream country.PERU
  6. Salar De Uyuni – Easily one of the most spectacular things we’ve ever seen. Every day we spent on the tour felt like we were exploring new planets. From an enormous desert of salt to multicoloured lakes, to a field of geysers, you really get a sense of how wonderful and fascinating earth really is.UYUNI
  7. Buenos Aires – This city has an amazing vibe, it feels busy and bustling but at the same time laid back and cool. There’s a ton to do and see as a tourist but you just want to chill in a park with yerba mate and a book or drink some fernet in a bar and people watch. It’s one of those cities that makes you seriously consider abandoning the rest of your trip and staying there.BA
  8. Mexico – It mystifies us that so many North Americans will only stay in resorts in Mexico. This country has SO MUCH going on! It’s incredibly close and remarkably easy as well as inexpensive to get to. Sure, we can’t deny a week lounging poolside isn’t a bad thing, but we implore you to at least explore once and visit the magical ancient ruins littering the country or learn about the history of the country by exploring some of the fantastic museums. There is no doubt we will be back in Mexico and we can’t wait to more thoroughly comb this nation!MEXICO
  9. Paris – We’d been to Paris before and were apprehensive our love from 10 years ago was going to fizzle out once we spent three weeks there as we waited for our Indian visas to come through. Instead, we saw a whole lot more of the city than we’d been able to see before. We stayed in an apartment in an arrondisement that gave us a flavour of living with and like the locals (including une chat fou!) and our happiness was only bolstered with bliss as we had family join us in our exploration of the city.PARIS
  10. Santiago – We originally only had plans to dip into Chile for a short time but we ended up staying for a month, partly because of how smitten we were with Santiago. It may be because we rented an apartment for our time there, but it felt like a city I want to live in. It has a picturesque mountainous backdrop but then it’s also a short drive from the coast. It’s a very walkable city and there are huge pedestrian friendly stretches in the downtown. Also, the food is amazing and that’s always a way to endear me to a city.SANTIAGO

What was your favourite place you visited in 2014?

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    23 thoughts on “10 Favourite Places We Visited in 2014

      • It is kind of funny but very true. We kept exclaiming how we could live in Boston, and while I still believe that I think it was also because we just loved the order and cleanliness compared to South America.

      • Paris seems to have extreme lovers or haters. For me I could spend more than the three weeks we did there (and ideally I would love to go off-season – it was nuts in July!) but I know others could check out as soon as they arrive!

        • Love Paris – we try to spend a month or two every other year for the last thirty. Such a walkable city! So many lovely villages inside the big city. Love the parks, the cafes, even in winter when it’s dull and grey.

    1. Wonderful list! Our best new places in 2014 were Kamloops and Lillooet – lol – on our fourth cross-continent drive in the last two years. Last year’s best was Scotland’s Falkirk Wheel by barge – lucky weather, our 90 year old Canadian captain, our NZ crew and the surprisingly good food and drink (considering we only managed one quart of whiskey the whole month!)

      • Oh I would love to see the Falkirk Wheel! Our time in Scotland 10 years ago was way too brief and given that Ewan’s ma is from Scotland, I reckon we have to get back and do some more exploring!

      • Santiago is definitely pricy compared with many other South American places, but I think it won’t break the budget if you do things like stay at an apartment or even Couchsurf, and make your own meals. I’d love to go back in the summer (we were there in the autumn)!

    2. “What was your favorite place on your trip?” is the #1 question we got asked after returning. I still can’t answer it without including a lot of qualifiers. Even a list like this one would have to impose ranking on the experiences. As you point out, every place is different and has something else going for it. Not to mention, there are so many other places to still visit and explore. Hope you make it to Slovakia for longer than a day next time!
      Peter Korchnak @ Where Is Your Toothbrush? recently posted…Two Toothbrushes: A traveler interview with Westfalia Digital NomadsMy Profile

      • We get asked what was our favourite place, or even ‘did you have a good trip?’ which are very difficult questions to answer! We’re with you though, it’s hard to narrow things down since an experience in one place has very different influencing factors than somewhere else.

        I hope we get the chance for more Slovakia adventures too!

    3. I think I might put Sri Lanka on the top of my list for places we visited in 2014 too! Either that or Vietnam (but it was our second time back to Vietnam, so somehow that feels like cheating….). Anyway, I still can’t believe more people don’t make it to Sri Lanka, but I guess I’m not really complaining about that, and I also think it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on.

      Haven’t been to any of the other places on your list (apart from Paris, which you know would not top our list of favorite places…), but I’m excited to check out non-resort Mexico in a few months’ time! 😀
      Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) recently posted…Melancholic Musings on FlorenceMy Profile

      • We agree with you – I love to tell people how great Sri Lanka is BUT I don’t want to risk it becoming so well tourist trodden…there’s a fine line!

        Haha, I would guess Paris would be on your ‘OMG don’t go!!’ travel list 😉 I hope you guys love Mexico as much as we did. I am sure you will get more of the country under your belt that you could give us tips for our next visit there.

      • We were in Peru a month and I can’t (of course after the fact!) fathom how and why we bypassed Arequipa! I guess if anything it was a plot to get us back there 🙂

    4. Great list! Boston is one of my favorite places, spent 10 years there before moving to L.A. I’ve never been to Asia, not unless you count crossing the Bosphorus in Istanbul 🙂 . I remember spending holidays in Mexico City years ago and discovering Taxco, etc… Budapest was so great, we went twice, and would go again.. I am almost afraid to go to Prague now as l think l would be disappointed after Budapest. Happy Holidays!
      Kemkem recently posted…Pizza, eat it when in Rome – of course!My Profile

      • Oh I am so jealous you were 10 years in Boston! Honestly I have a hard time narrowing down my favourite US cities because they are all so different and have so many good things, but since Boston is the most recently visited and such a change from Latin America, I think it holds a place in my heart forever!

    5. So glad to see Mexico has made it on here! You’d think it would be more discovered, but you’re right outside the tourist zones you are hard pressed to find another Westerner. If you are ever in that part of the world again, consider venturing south to Central America- Nicaragua was a personal favorite of mine. South America is definitely on my bucket list, so it was interesting to read about Santiago and Peru on here too.
      Best Wishes

      • Thanks Claire. We haven;t been to Nicaragua and had heard about how you can toboggan down a volcano (albeit in a teflon-like suit…) and so it is definitely on our bucket list since we really loved Guatemala and El Salvador.

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