Walls Of The World: The Best Street Art We Saw In 2014

Having been back about a month from our trip one thing I find myself missing is exploring new cities and discovering great street art. Since the year is coming to an end I thought it would be a fitting time to do a quick photo review. Here are some of my favourite pieces we happened upon. – Ewan



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    13 thoughts on “Walls Of The World: The Best Street Art We Saw In 2014

      • The year before we left we did part of the graffiti walk here – there are whole laneways and alleys where landlords and owners have no qualms with folks arting things up. Toronto is in no way near Montreal’s level, but still it’s pretty awesome! I love the talent, and the art is so much better than those measly ‘tags’ hooligans throw up!

      • Thanks Nikita! You are completely right. Ewan would always be stopping and taking photos and whereas I would have otherwise missed out on the fabulous art before us!

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