Oh hi.

Yes. It has been a while since my last post. It’s not as though we’ve been living some crazy wild ride this past month, nor have we had a completely dull stretch either.

So why the radio silence?

I guess laziness, with possibly some blame resting on the shoulders of the changing seasons.

I just haven’t felt too inspired to sit down and write a post just to throw one up on the blog for the sake of having a regular schedule. I love this online journal of ours, and certainly don’t want to make it a chore. We aren’t regularly throwing things up just to get hits and gain popularity, and I’ve embraced the fact that truly the only one obligating me to post would actually be me.

We’ve just been taking it easy. Soaking up the last dregs of summer weather. Hopping onto the Blue Jays bandwagon. Hosting friends and going out with others. Relaxing.

It’s been nice, when I normally bristle as autumn rings in. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the back-to-school jitters even though it’s been a decade since I’ve last been in the books. Plus fall was never my favourite season in my hometown since the weather seemed to go straight to winter, bypassing cool temperatures and pretty autumn-colours.

Maybe I’ll have the gumption to post about some upcoming shenanigans, or I may take another break until the the feeling moves me. And at this point, I’m fine with that.Toronto

I hope your autumn is as you wish as well!
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    1. OMG I so understand how you feel. We were burning on all fronts all summer with selling the house and moving and dispersing ourselves of most of our earthly possessions and I’m just ….tired. I had a week day off last week and I felt as though I should write on the blog, and I should submit some writings and I should, should, should…and I did none of them! I opened a bottle of wine and watched a silly movie and I think that is ok too. Enjoy autumn and a time to just relax and be, you’ll come back to sharing on the blog when it’s right.
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