A Year Ago Today…

A year ago today we arrived in the wee hours of the morning in Toronto. The day was overcast, much like it is today, and despite two days of travel we weren’t terribly jetlagged given the posh treatment Egypt Air gave us during our layover in Cairo.

We made our way downtown, taking transit that was familiar but also foreign-feeling after being nearly gone for a year. We balked at the snowflakes that fell, welcoming us back to the city.

We can no longer look at each other and marvel over where we were “a year ago today”. Now it’s pretty straight forward. We were back in Canada and getting back into a regular routine.

At this point we’ve established a rhythm, with our work and home lives, with our friends, with the city. We’ve missed travel and experiencing new places; our only trip this year was a jaunt 5 hours away to visit family in Ottawa. In some ways it was hard to recreate a North American life after the high of a year of adventure, but we’ve felt peace that we actually went out and met our goal of our trip. We knew pre-trip that if we never set forth, we would live with regret; now we express gratitude at how fortunate we were to go.

We’re on the cusp of another change, though not so massive as a year of travels. We’re packing up and moving to a new neighbourhood in the city. We’ve enjoyed our downtown skyscraper living and benefited this summer with all the concerts and activities centred around the Pan Am games. But we’re incredibly excited to try out a new hood, in an area of the city we haven’t explored too much before but one that has lots of character, and most importantly, great restaurants.

So while we aren’t living out of our bags and flying by the seat of our pants, we are content and cheery about where we’re at right now. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

One of the last 'trip photos' we took before returning to Canada

One of the last ‘trip photos’ we took before returning to Canada

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