At Home in Roncesvalles

My my…has time ever flown by. It’s nearly been two months since we moved and have been living it up in the west end of Toronto. Our new place is within walking distance of three funky neighbourhoods: Roncesvalles, Bloorwest Village and the Junction, though so far we’ve only really haunted Roncesvalles since it’s a closer walk for us. Already we’re over the moon. We’ve gone out almost every weekend to a different place for brunch. We’ve tried out many different establishments for dinner and we’ve dipped in to many of the unique local shops dressed to lure in window shoppers and street wanderers. We have a decently close neighbourhood library which delights me – I hope my reading game improves as a result!

We’ve loved people-watching in our new hood. The cross-section includes hipsters, young families, and a ton of established Polish families. Roncesvalles is Toronto’s Little Poland, and there are plenty of meat shops that have caught our eye. Those shops won’t know what they’re up against once we get a barbeque!

Off of the main drag, quaint homes line the streets. Most are well cared for and in Toronto’s crazy real estate market go for a pretty penny; but they can be a renters dream. The homes each have character and I have yet to get bored of my walk to and from the train station as I take in their unique features. With the early setting sun and time of year, it’s a little slice of heaven strolling at night taking in the neighbourhood dolled up in the Christmas decorations and lights that are still up.

As time goes on we will likely stray further afield to see what other nearby nuggets there are for us to find. Truthfully, at this point we are still likely in a honeymoon phase with our new place and neighbourhood, but if we are smitten in that awkward time of year where it’s too cold to be autumn but not snowy enough to feel wintry, then I can only think we’ve made a great move!

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    4 thoughts on “At Home in Roncesvalles

    1. Hi Emily, I love Roncesvalles. I go there once in a while because my family doctor is in St. Joseph. Actually, I am going to the area every Thursday of February for a course. On top of that… I love polish desserts! Enjoy the neighbourhood.

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