Montreal Getaway

Montreal is one of our favourite cities, but after a lapse in visits over recent years, both Ewan and I were a bit worried that the ‘je ne sais quoi’ charm we loved would be somehow missing when we planned a jaunt there over the May long weekend. Well, our worries were unfounded. Montreal proved to us yet again that it deserves to be in our top ranking cities. We didn’t go and do anything spectacular, but we enjoyed ourselves with wandering neighbourhoods, did some people watching, and stuffed ourselves with good food.

A great view for ironing

A great view for ironing

As we get older, we’ve put a higher importance on the food we consume in our travels. No more living on baguettes and cheese! So, it goes without saying that we ate very well in Montreal. Of course we hit Schwartzes, though the heat and line up had us grab take out rather than eating in. All the emotions, nostalgia and happiness you get as the smoked meat melts in your mouth, is a sensation that only Schwartzes can offer.

The endless (but worth it) line up at Schwartzes

The endless (but worth it) line up at Schwartzes

We also were lucky to hit a super trendy normally 100% booked restaurant – Liverpool House. This is one of three places along Rue Notre Dame O that are hot and in demand. A week before our trip I looked into reservations at any of the three and found I could only get a table 3 weeks later. Luckily these places have day of reservations through the Dinr app, so we were able to secure a LH spot the morning of. I am so happy we were able to go. We ate well throughout our weekend in Montreal, but the best meal went to our dishes at LH – duck for me and rabbit for Ewan. Neither of us agree on who had the better meal.

Our amazing meal at Liverpool House

Our amazing meal at Liverpool House

What were other weekend highlights?

  • Chowing down on amazing Barbeque at Le Boucan
    Ewan's smoky drink at Le Boucan

    Ewan’s smoky drink at Le Boucan

    Ribs at Le Boucan

    Ribs at Le Boucan

  • Enjoying fresh patisserie sandwiches on the lawn while taking in Tam Tams
    Tam Tams

    Tam Tams

    Montreal at Tam Tams

  • Practicing our French and being encouraged by the locals that we’re doing well (oh wait…that’s just applicable to Ewan…)
  • Walking EVERYWHEREwandering in Montreal
  • People watching and enjoying perfect patio weather in Old MontrealMontreal Notre Dame
    Old Montreal

    Crowds in Old Montreal

    Fleur de Lis

  • Shopping – because that has to happen when you are in Montreal
  • Coming across amazing arty interactive installations
    The singing swings

    The singing swings. No really – they make music when you swing.

    Notice the wee Maestro conducting the orchestra water fountain.

    Notice the wee Maestro conducting the orchestra water fountain. The more you got into it the higher the water would go (and louder the music)


Our last visit was in February a few years back which was still fun but incredibly cold. I am glad we had a warm weather visit and already I am looking forward to our next jaunt in La Belle province.Montreal

zip lining

People zip lining at the Old Port

Mortal Combat tatoo guy

This guy was pleased as punch when we came across him in Old Montreal and wanted a shot of his epic Mortal Combat tattoo

Montreal house Statue with aura Montreal

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