15 Seconds of Fame

So remember back when we were in India and thought we’d volunteered to be extras in a Bollywood movie? And then it turns out it was a French movie taking place in Mumbai? And remember when we’d spent HOURS sitting around and had to fight to get our 10 dollars of compensation for our 12 hours of night-time waiting around? (Clearly movie making is not for us)

The first shot at the start of the night

Well, we finally have seen the fruits of our labour.

After that long tiring night, we’d kept our eyes to the Internet, hoping that the movie would show up at TIFF last year, or at least be shown in some smaller theatres in Toronto that cater to International-movie-hungry audiences. No dice.

We scoured iTunes and the underbelly of the Internet, hoping we could find a copy to stream online. No luck.

And just when we’d nearly thrown in the towel, the movie came up on a search earlier this summer through France’s Amazon website. The DVD was overpriced (people still buy DVDs??) so we left it alone, optimistic that eventually we’d find a cheaper version.

Fast forward to my birthday and sneaky Ewan surprised me by having ordered the DVD. Our excitement to finally see how much, or even if, we were visible in the movie turned to mild anxiety when we worried the international DVD would even be able to be read by our machine. Thankfully we didn’t have anything to fear – the DVD worked!

Tu es ou?

Tu es ou? (See me?)

The movie is in French with subtitles only for moments when the characters speak English. We dusted off our francaise and generally were able to follow along with the plotline. The movie, Taj Mahal, is about the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, with the focus on one person’s experience within the Taj Mahal hotel – a glamourous and swanky tourist destination right in the hot spot of Mumbai.



Ewan and I are blurrily visible in the background in two scenes. Our screen time is likely no more than 15 seconds altogether, though I think it is more than some of the other tourists we stuck it out with that fateful night.





We’ll likely bring out the movie when our parents visit, though I doubt it will be a regular movie we return to for entertainment. But I am glad we have it. The overall experience is a funny anecdote, capping our time off in India, let alone our big trip of 2014. It has perhaps given us an appreciation of the hours that go into movies, and greater scrutiny of all that is in the ‘background’ of scenes of shows. And there is some satisfaction in being able to see ourselves briefly. While it is fun to reminisce, I think for the time being we’ll stick to watching rather than being on the big screen though!

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