Well Hello.

So…it’s been awhile. Geez…you’d think we’d had a baby or something.

Well, in fact we have.

In the early days of a gloomy and drizzly February we welcomed a little man to our family. And now, well, now I can’t remember life before him.

Ewan and I have been together for 17 years and yet all the memories from before seem to have become faint apparitions of life pre-baby. Life with CZ has indeed been an entirely different adventure.

Five months in, we are still getting the knack of sleep, though things are eons better than the hazy first month where I am pretty sure our little guy slept an hour a day and that’s it. We’ve had support all around from family and friends, and I am part of a mom ‘n baby group and so am slowly growing my network out here of folk who are going through the same things as we are.

Some days can be tough, but honestly I think we are really lucky. CZ is a happy little guy who makes us laugh and just feel extremely glad. While I am on mat leave, Ewan is still running the rat race, but his spirits are always lifted coming home to CZ who has deep belly laughs for all the fun games his dad plays with him.

Life is completely different but just how it was meant to be for us.

So…with the little mister around, what does that mean for this blog? Well, certainly since our big trip posts have been less frequent, and that will likely stay the norm. But we really love this little blog of ours. An online journal of what we’ve been up to. I suspect we’ll publish posts every now and again of what is going on, and of course our travels when we are lucky to do so. (Our next big trip is back to Calgary to show off CZ to friends and family!).

So, thank you for reading!! xox Emily & Ewan

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    6 thoughts on “Well Hello.

    1. He is so cute and I can certainly see some resemblance to his mommy. Enjoy this time as it goes by in a blink. My boys are 26 and 21 years old now and it seems like yesterday.

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