Summer Travels

How is it that Summer almost always seems to fly by?? Well this year for us August flew by for a particular reason – we were on a travelling roadshow. In fact, I was away from Toronto for 5 weeks!

The blitz started off with a short stint in Ottawa to visit family, but most importantly to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday! It was very special earlier this year introducing him to his great-grandson and even sweeter to be back there in person to help ring in such an epic milestone.

While Ewan was back in Toronto before joining us out west, we were off to Calgary for an extended stay to eat up family time and see friends.

It had been four years since I’d been in Calgary and there has been so many changes. The city, while going through some rough economic times, has been underway with a significant facelift, most notably in the East Village area. The city has vamped up access to the river and it makes long walks easy to do. While exploring the area with my brother, we even came across the city’s mayor!

Aside from changes in the city’s backdrop (including the bright colour change to my parent’s house!), there were many changes in the lives of our friends. So many people are married and some have also grown sweet little families of their own. It was so heartwarming to introduce CZ to my friends and marvel at the wonder of life.

I was so fortunate to be reunited with so many friends, that I can’t possibly pick out any one get-together that trumps the other. However, the other highlights that pop up from the visit’s memory banks include:

  • CZ meeting his cousins. All the family get-togethers were amazing, and the best part was seeing the next generation get to know each other.
  • A date lunch while Granny babysat. We were treated to a lovely lunch downtown at Teatro and then wandered afterwards at Olympic Plaza where we were able to track down my brick that was purchased prior to the ’88 Olympics.
  • Going to the mountains. Neither of us were crazy rabid hikers or skiers, but certainly the Rockies are a defining part of the landscape and growing up in Southern Alberta. We lucked out on heading to Canmore on a relatively smoke-free day (Calgary was often covered in a layer of smoke from the BC and other wildfires; creating a haze and terrible air quality)
  • Helping my ma successfully throw a surprise 65th birthday bash for my dad. And while he says he had no idea, I still don’t believe him. But it was a blast.It was a great visit – we definitely feel as though our Alberta battery has been recharged!

    Celebrating his great grandpa’s 90th!

    Four generations

    First flight

    The new colours on my parents house attract a lot of attention

    My 1988 Olympic legacy

    CZ and his grandparents

    At my dad’s surprise birthday party!

    Uncle Andrew

    Uncle Andrew


    Toute la famille

    Date lunch

    Are they even real??

    CZ and Legs

    Meeting Nenshi

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