It’s that time of year for ghosts, ghouls and goblins and the costumes come out. We’ve never been super rabid Halloween folk, though we aren’t anti-October 31st either. If there is a gathering that encourages dressing up – we are game; so I guess our Halloween participation is dependent on if we are doing anything. All dressed up with somewhere to go is our motto.

My mom set a high bar for Halloween costumes when I was growing up. When I wanted to be a ‘cat’ I wasn’t a black cat with a head band and a black nose. My hair was teased and I had epic facepaint and was a cast member of the musical Cats. My request to be a princess when I was 7 resulted in a princess costume from the Middle Ages complete with a ‘hennin‘ (one of those conical crowns). I remember spending hours of hair teasing iterations to become the Bride of Frankenstein (and while photos do exist of these creations and many others from over the years, they are somewhere in the storage of pre-digital photos at my parent’s house).


Donald Berber (slimy carpet salesman) and a 60s chick

Greek gods


Josie (Josie & the Pussycats) and Flava Flav (Photo by Sage and Thyme)

Ewan’s mom would sew costumes from scratch, making all his superhero dreams come true. It seems our parents went to great lengths to help us create unique takes on whatever we had wanted to dress up as for Halloween.

Now that we have a son, Ewan and I both want to instill the wonder of make believe through dressing up. We are going on the easy side of things this year since CZ won’t be going out trick or treating. He’s a football player, courtesy of my Great-Uncle in DC who made him a personalized Red Skins jersey. We know we are biased, but man…is he cute!

Little footballer

Happy Halloween everyone!

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