Who are ‘you and Ewan’?  We are Canadians who are food, music and cat lovers.  Oh, and we are hooked on traveling.  We are in the midst of a world adventure.


Calgary Flames fans


In the Rocky Mountains (Golden, BC)

Originally from Calgary, we have constantly switched things up to find a community to live in that we love.  Six cities and four provinces later, we called Toronto home.  We had a great network of friends, fantastic jobs and an endless supply of things to see, do and enjoy.  And while we were truly lucky to be so fortunate at that stage in our lives, we checked out to go on a Round the World trip to satiate our appetite for travel.


Koh Samui, Thailand


Great form in Giza


Climbing at Tikal

Our mutual wanderlust grew after we travelled for three months in University to Western Europe and Egypt; we survived traveling together and wanted to further explore the world and check more items off our bucket lists.  Since that first trip we’ve done plenty of big and little trips together, from Asia, Central America, Europe and the Middle East.  Our trips were wonderful, but we felt constrained to vacation allowances and strict itineraries.


PDA in Hong Kong


Goofiness abounds

In 2012 as we were saving up for our China trip, we had an epiphany: we could make travel a priority and save up for an adventure that would be longer than 3 weeks.  From that point on, we focused on saving up and getting our things aligned to make this leap.


Our regular get-up back in Canada


Interpretive dance

bio picture

We take things pretty seriously


Since leaving Canada on New Years Eve 2013, we’ve travelled in Mexico, South America and are currently in Europe.  We’ve done epic adventures like hike the Inca Trail, climb a volcano in Chile and experience the Bolivian salt flats.  We’ve also just lazed around and explored cities.  We’ve met up with friends.  We’ve tried to improve our Spanish speaking.  And we feel truly alive.

This corner of the Internet will serve as a journal of what the heck we’re up to.  We hope you follow along and enjoy!

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    1. Just found your blog and excited to follow along as you head south! Thanks for sharing such great pictures of Puerto Vallarta, the place we’ve visited the most of anywhere in the world, and where we’ll probably end up someday. Looking forward to catching up on your blog so far.
      Rhonda recently posted…UP ~ A Love StoryMy Profile

    2. Oh you!!!!!
      Gandering through these photos made me smile for three reasons:
      1. you have the same height disparity that we do
      2. You took my old coat to SA and Iceland….how lucky is that coat!!!!
      3. And you guys are the most super-dee-duper folks I know.

      We loves ya!

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